What Foods to Eat on a Low Carb Diet?

A low carb diet may feel restricting, but there are many low carb foods that can help you overcome your cravings and achieve your dieting goals, whatever they may be.

With the modern diet, many people become addicted to an excess of starches and sugars. Refraining from eating these foods can be one of the most challenging parts of low carb diets. However, once you pass the first couple weeks of the diet, you will lose many of these cravings and will find the low carb food much more appealing than their high carb counterparts.

There are a few types of low carb foods that can be used to combat these early cravings. Nuts, sunflower seeds, string cheese, apple slices, celery with peanut butter or tuna salad, and sugar free jello can all serve as quick snacks to deal with the munchies. Mashed cauliflower can serve as a potato substitute and can even be made into a potato salad recipe. There are also several types of low carb bread, including breads made from flax meal, or high fiber crisp breads. If you are used to drinking a lot of milk, soy milk can offer a reasonable substitute. In addition, chocolate soy milk is often very low in carbs and can be used in small amounts to soothe a sweet tooth.

Healthy eating requires a variety of foods, and this type of diet is no exception. There are a few fruits that are relatively low in sugars, including lemons, limes, raspberries, cranberries and blackberries. Most vegetables are quite low in carbs, with the exception those high in starch, such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn, and parsnips. Most meats are also acceptable, but keep in mind that some meats, such as hams, jerky, and luncheon meats, may be treated with sugar. Organ meats, oysters, and muscles all have a small amount of carbs that should be taken into account, although they can be eaten in moderation. Eggs, fish, and tofu are all viable options that are both low in carbs and low in fats.

A low carb diet is not an excuse for eating a large amount of highly fatty foods. If weight loss is your goal, then you should avoid highly processed meats, large amounts of peanut butter, and other foods high in fats and oils. You will feel better for having eaten lighter foods and will see faster progress in your weight loss.

Some people have difficulty getting all of their recommended daily vitamins when they first switch over to a low carb diet. If you are concerned about this possible deficit, there are many dietary supplements available. You should consult your doctor before making any radical changes to your diet or starting any kind of supplement regimen.

Being on a low carb diet does not mean you have to limit the variety in what you eat. Many fruits, vegetables, meats, and even a few types of breads can fit comfortably into this type of diet while still encouraging continued weight loss.